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An 8 week fitness and meditation program, beginning on January 15th, designed to help you lose the excess body fat, gain lean muscle, and reduce the stress that is holding you back from achieving your best version.

In just 8 weeks you can:

Decrease body fat

Increase lean muscle

Reduce stress

Improve sleep

Have a more positive mindset

Buy by January 8th  to receive the special introductory rate of $279.99 a month.


Lean Strong Calm is the ultimate blueprint for reaching your fitness goals and optimally fueling your body and mind for life.

What’s included in the Lean Strong Calm Program?


Complete 8 week training program conveniently delivered inside the Trainerize app


Demonstration videos for each and every exercise


Nutrition Protocol where I teach you how to eat a macro-based diet of protein, carbs, and fats to reach your goals


A food list so you know exactly what to eat to fuel your body


Guided meditations


Stress Management Ebook


Weekly group coaching calls for support


Private messaging through the Trainerize app to have your questions answered

Message from the creator: Coach Tadeo Luque

Why did I create this program?

I created The “Lean Strong Calm” program because its what I wish someone would have told me to do when I was going through the hardest moment of my life in which I was out of shape, filled with stress, eating junk food, barely sleeping and using alcohol, cigarettes and social media to numb myself.

We live in a world in which we are constantly offered the easiest choice to follow. Often this easiest choice is not the one that serves us the best. Whether it's how little we move, the food that we eat or even the screen time we consume. Those “easy” options that we often take can negatively affect our health.


This program is an opportunity to not take that easy option, to fight the urge to eat unhealthy food, to refuse being lazy, to avoid staying up all night using our phones and neglecting our sleep, to stop worrying and stressing about the smallest things.

Sometimes all we need is someone to lend a hand, someone who can guide us through the right steps on how to take care of ourselves. That is what this program is all about. It is meant to give you all the necessary tools on how to empower yourself and take personal responsibility for your health both physically and mentally. Look out for your body and mind as if your life depended on it... Because it does.

100% Happiness Guarantee

I am so confident that you will experience results from this program, that I’m giving you a money-back guarantee.


If after the completion of the 8 weeks you have completed at least 85% of your workouts, meditation, and nutrition guidelines and are not satisfied with the results, we will refund your money in full.

You can start at only $279.99!

Decrease body fat

Increase lean muscle

Reduce stress

Improve sleep

Have a more positive mindset

  • How does this work?
    Once you sign up for the Lean, Strong and Calm program we will send you an email with all the information required for you to start on the 15th of January. You will have access to the Trainerize app where you'll be able to see your workouts, your nutrition protocol, and the link for the first zoom meeting where we will give you all the guidance required to start the program.
  • Who is this for?
    This is for men or women who are between 35 and 60 who have neglected their physical and mental health because of family or work and want to take the personal responsibility of getting back into their best shape while reducing stress and anxiety from their daily life.
  • Who is it not for?
    It's not meant for people who are not willing to commit and put in the work necessary to improve their health.
  • DoI need access to a gym?
    Access to the gym Is ideal but it's not absolutely necessary. The training program can be done at home but there will be some elements required like weights, a trx, and bands to be able to do the adapted version of the program.
  • I am 50. Am I too old to do this program?
    Not at all. As long as you don't have any limiting medical condition, access to a gym or some training equipment, and the commitment to take care of your mental and physical health, you can do the program.
  • Can a beginner do the exercises?
    A beginner can most certainly do all the exercises. The workouts are simple yet effective and they are clearly explained in the training videos shown in the app.
  • Will I receive coaching from you?
    The coaching will be provided through the app and through the weekly zoom calls. Your trainer will be available throughout the 8 weeks in the app messaging system.
  • Is there a money back guarantee ?
    If after the completion of the 8 weeks of the training program you have completed at least 85% percent of your workouts, meditations, and nutrition guidelines and are not satisfied with the results, we will refund your money.
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